9a | Understand Quran and Salaah Easy Way | Al Fatiha – Part 06 _*

In 3min clips learn and Understand Quran and Salaah using state of the art illustration Videos.

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About This Course:
This Course will consist of short 3 minutes state of the Art illustration Videos of entire Understand Quran Academy course.
Once completed the course will be Freely Available to anyone with an Internet Connection.
Imagine a World in Which Everyone Understands Quran Directly.
Imagine a World in which Everybody who stands for Salaah/Prayers Understand Each Word being Recited.

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Alhamdulillah Allohumma Sholli โ€˜Ala Nabiyina Muhammad Wa Ahli Wa Ashhabihi Wa Ummatihi. Subhanallah wa bihamdihi โ€˜adada khalqihi wa ridha nafsihi wa zinata โ€˜arsyihi wa midada kalimatihi. Jazakumullah sudah ikut men-share (membagikan) konten ini, insya Alloh jadi amal jariyah untuk kebaikan dunia akhirat kita. Aamiin

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