How Dua Works? | Astaghfirullah

Understand how dua works, What is the Purpose of Dua?. Dua literal meaning is to: Call out. Watch this and you will never see the Dua as same again. Understand one of the most beautiful gift given to mankind: The Power of Dua. We often feel that life is unfair, even though we made Dua. The fact that you engaged Allah swt in conversation is the goal. Allah swt will bring khair and good for you after your dua, Always keep that in mind when making a Dua.

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Alhamdulillah Allohumma Sholli ‘Ala Nabiyina Muhammad Wa Ahli Wa Ashhabihi Wa Ummatihi. Subhanallah wa bihamdihi ‘adada khalqihi wa ridha nafsihi wa zinata ‘arsyihi wa midada kalimatihi. Jazakumullah sudah ikut men-share (membagikan) konten ini, insya Alloh jadi amal jariyah untuk kebaikan dunia akhirat kita. Aamiin

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